Growing up in Spanish Harlem, N.Y., access to the "Mega Supermarket" just wasn't there. We frequented La Bodega for all of our needs.  This little corner jewel had everything we wanted all packed into our brown paper Bag. From the best cooked breakfast in the world (Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Roll) to Laundry Detergent. The corner store was always the spot to show off your fashion sense. C'mon you can't get caught looking crazy in front of the entire neighborhood, right?!  Although I have moved far from that corner store to South Florida, the feeling of having an intimate space with everything I could ever want or need has always stayed with me. Which is why my beauties, I would love to introduce you to, La Bodega Boutique!

La Bodega Boutique is here to serve all of the fashion you crave. No need for the big shopping malls, unflattering lighting in the fitting room, and most of all, the not so friendly customer service!  With La Bodega Boutique you can shop at your leisure (maybe with a lil wine in hand) and try on your items in the comfort of your own home.  La Bodega Boutique is here to be your personal "go to" place for that perfect fit, style and flavor. Oh, and we are always listening.. If there's a certain look, style, size, or maybe something you wish we had more of, please feel free to drop us a line. We want to make sure your little brown bag has EVERYTHING you need!



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