Can I get a refund?

At this time we are having a Liquidation Sale All Sales Are Final.

Is there a number I can call for customer service?

Sorry, we can't come to the phone right now. Feel free to contact us via email: info@labodegaboutique.com with any questions you may have.


 I havent received my order yet, what should I do?

Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that. Please check your shipping method and confirm that the shipping time frame has passed. If the timeframe has passed, email us at info@labodegaboutique.com with your order number.


Can I track my order?

Of course! Once your order has shipped, you're automatically sent an email with your tracking number.


How do I cancel my order?

If your order has not been fulfilled, you still have time to cancel. To cancel, email us at info@labodegaboutique.com as soon as possible.


I ordered the wrong items, what should I do?

Always triple check orders before you place them! If your order has not shipped, we may be able to help. You can email info@labodegaboutique.com with your order number and we will try to help.


An item I want is out of stock, what can I do?

There are 3 things you can do to be notified when an item is restocked:

  1. If the item is still online, go to the product and enter your email to be
    notified when an item is restocked.
  2. Sign up for the company email newsletter (found at the bottom of
    our website). Some of our newsletters share items that have been
  3. Follow us on Instagram: @labodegaboutique.com Here, we post items that
    have been restocked.


I placed my order and my shipping info is incorrect, what should I do?

Please email us immediately at info@labodegaboutique.com. If your order has not shipped, we may be able to help.  


Can I get a refund for my order?

At this time, we do not offer refunds. If you're not satisfied with your purchase you have 7 days from the delivery date to return the item for a store gift card. Trust us, the gift card is good as cash! 

I received the wrong item, how should I go about returning it?

If you received the wrong item, firstly, we apologize! E-mail info@labodegaboutique.com with your order number, incorrect item, and what you are missing from your order. We will take care of you!

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